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Tumor Markers
  Analyte  Indication
CA15-3  Carbohydrate-Antigen 15-3  Breast Ca
HE-4  Human Epididymis Protein-4  Ovarian Ca
NSE  Neuron-Specific Enolase  Small Cell Lung CA ( SCLC ) and Neuroblastoma
SCCA  Squamous Cell Carcinoma Antigen  Cervical Carcinoma, Lung Ca, Esophagus Ca and Reversal of Papilloma
Pro-GRP  Pro-Gastrin-Releasing Peptide  Small Cell Lung CA ( SCLC )
Hormone Markers  
  Analyte  Indication
Progesterone Progesterone Premenstrual tension, irregular endometrium shedding, membranous dysmenorrhea, luteal insufficiency
fT3 Free Triiodothyronine Thyroid Diagnostics
fT4  Free Thyroxine  Thyroid Diagnostics
Testosterone  Testosterone  Infertility, PCO-Syndrome, Andropause, Testicle-, Ovarial Ca
Diabetes Markers  
  Analyte  Indication
MAU  Microalbuminuria  Early Nephropathy, Urinary Disease, Cardiovascular Injury of Hypertensive patients
CYS-C  Cystatin C  Indication of Glomerular Filtration, Monitor Kidney Function,
Infection Markers  
  Analyte  Indication
NeoPT quant  Neopterin  Ciral Infections, Autoimmune Diseases, Tumors
SAA Serum Amyloid A  Adenovirus Infection, Biett's Disease, Colitis Gravis, Arthritis Deformans, Elephantiasis Graecorum, Abercrombie's Degeneratio
Cardiac Markers  
  Analyte  Indication
sPLA2-IIA  Phospholipase A2-IIA  Atherosklerosis
D-Dimer  Protein Fragment  Thrombosis, Embolism